This is a test of a very small and powersaving Web-Server on

Not much space to put anything on it really.
Only a few rows of text and that is all!

Not working anymore, (retired), just playing around with what I like to do.

Right now my interest is in what I did when starting with computers in the early 1980's.
Electronics and simple C programming.

It seems possible to run this little server if there isn't to many visitors for about 3 months on 2 AA batteries.
That is quite impressive. I got one nodeMCU8266 A more consuming variant running my greenhouse, temperature measuring air indoors
, outdoors and in the soil. Checking the moist in the soil and switching on and off a watering system running on
an old car battery, this battery also gives power to the waterpump for the watering system and the electromagnet valve.
estimated time between charging the battery is about 2 months. The most power goes to the pump. Without it I would be
able to run the system for about 10 to 12 months without charging. Next up is a solar power charger so I don't have to worry about charging
at all! Oh! Forgott! I also have an automatic door opener when the temperature goes too high! A small cheap stepping motor
but knowing Swedish summer temperatures, I don't think it will overload the system. :-)


Fri. 19 Jul. 2024